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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Obama Administration's Core

William Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection wrote an excellent post, "A Time to Choose Sides" on Sunday. Check it out. Prof. Jacobson usually writes good stuff, but he was dead-on in this post.

From Jacobson:

"Not to belabor the point made here hundreds of times, but over two thousand pages of Obamacare legislation will result in several thousand pages of regulations which will control the most intimate and important aspects of our lives; cap-and-trade legislation and regulations will control the means of production; financial regulation has devolved into social planning; and it goes on and on.

"We did not need to reach this point.

"What should have been a passing financial crisis has been used by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress to achieve what -- in the famous words of Rahm Emanuel -- could not otherwise be achieved.

"Democrats took advantage of a crisis, and then doubled-down by massively increasing our national debt to advantage preferred political constituencies.

"The answer should have been to grow the pie, not to redistribute the slices, but that alternative is off the table with Democrats in control."

Jacobson has managed to put into concise language what so many Americans are feeling. Cutting through the layers of ugly partisan politics, the race-issue shield, and the media blitz, Jacobson precisely describes the core of the Obama Administration in this relatively short post. Very fine work.

UPDATE: Heh. It seems that Carol over at Carol's Closet was also impressed with Jacobson's post and wrote about it last night.

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