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Friday, August 29, 2014

Obama: “The world’s always been messy … we’re just noticing now in part because of social media.”

"You folks just don't appreciate how well off you all are. Now ignore all that crap about ISIS killing Iraqis and Americans, and just bask in the light that I have brought to you. You're welcome."

According to Jonathan Strong at Breitbart, Obama spoke those stirring words at DNC fundraiser today.

Let's hear them again, just for fun. “The world’s always been messy … we’re just noticing now in part because of social media.”

Yup. If it wasn't for Facebook, blogs and Twitter, we'd all better appreciate these salad days that the Light-bringer has brought to the world.

After all, we probably wouldn't anything about Russian encroachment into Ukraine, or ISIS slaughtering Iraqis after the U.S. military pulled out, or China's increasingly aggressive stance with its neighbors, etc. And then, of course, we would all be as blissfully happy as we were back in the 1980s or something...

Can you believe this crap that Obama's shoveling out? It's bad enough, although not surprising given his background, for him to shirk the responsibility for the problems that have risen during his presidency. Now, Obama is denying that there are even problems.

Our country is in the very best of hands. And remember if you think otherwise you're a racist-- or a sellout depending on your background.

Gallup: Obama's "Strong Disapproval" Rating is Double His "Strong Approval"

"Those people just don't understand how wonderful I am. Now, back to golfing while ISIS crucifies some more Iraqis."
CLICK TO ENLARGE. Image is from Gallup story linked below.

And this result despite the media's fawning and actively downplaying of Obama's scandals. Just think what our president's ratings would be without the media's constant tongue bath...

From Gallup (via Drudge):

Americans are more than twice as likely to say they "strongly disapprove" (39%) of President Barack Obama's job performance as they are to say they "strongly approve" (17%). The percentage of Americans who strongly disapprove of Obama has increased over time, while the percentage who strongly approve has dropped by almost half.  
Strong disapproval of the president's job performance has been within 30% to 39% the four times Gallup has asked the question -- in 2009, 2010, 2011, and now this year -- but has risen by five percentage points since 2011, and by nine points since the first month Obama was in office. At the same time, strong approval has fallen by nine points in the last three years, and by 15 points since January 2009. 
The overall changes reflect larger shifts in opinion within the president's own Democratic base, as well as among Republicans, whose already widespread strong disapproval of Obama has expanded.

But Gallup is all totally racist and stuff, so in reality Obama's really doing fine.

The Benghazi affair, going golfing after Foley's execution, the IRS/EPA scandals, rising costs, shrinking middle-class, high unemployment, and such are just unavoidable stuff that's all really just part of a racist, Right-wing conspiracy to make Obama look bad. It's true!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update: Mending Blogger

It's awfully nice to say that that I'm back and doing well.

I'm still in physical therapy getting my shoulder loosened and strengthened up, but everything seems to be going well, if a bit painfully.

Typing is still a little tough for me, but I should be back to posting regularly. My deepest thanks for the kind words people have offered. They are much appreciated.

Hope things are going well, and I should begin posting later today or tomorrow.

Yukio Ngaby