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Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama the Boring Scapegoat?

From Rubin's piece:

"Obama’s public persona is so predictable and his image so overexposed that even the left is over him. He’s gone from fascinating and cool to a crashing bore in less than two years. Greg Sargent: 'Seems the consensus is that Obama’s presser [Friday] was way too boring, substantive and unemotional to produce an abrupt and massive enough turnaround in the polls to guarantee in advance that Dems hold their majority.' Ditto, hisses Maureen Dowd: 'How did the first president of color become so colorless?' Well, he ran out of catchphrases and revealed himself to be less articulate than George Bush. Dowd admits he sounds downright loopy at times"


"Why are liberals so bored all of a sudden? Conservatives, of course, rolled their eyes over his New Age-like campaign rhetoric and have begun to pine for Bill Clinton, who, at least, was intellectually creative and amusing. There are, I think, several things at work."


"Second, it is easier to admit that the candidate they swooned for is boring than it is to say he’s incompetent (or an empty suit). The former implies that Obama has lost his charm, the latter suggests that their own judgment was faulty. This also neatly sidesteps the troubling matter that Obama’s policies have tanked. (If he could only be more eloquent about the trillions spent, the public wouldn’t dessert him, the thinking goes.)"

I find that last idea particularly interesting.

Will the Left readily drop Obama to save the face of their agendas? Will they actively place the blame for the unpopularity of big government policies and laws on the president? Would America buy the attempt?

Certainly it's much too early to suggest that the Left is trotting out Obama as a scapegoat, although the Democrat candidates distancing of themselves from Obama does not demonstrate great confidence in the chief executive.

I think it's more likely the Left will blame the Republicans once their expected House takeover is completed. As ObamaCare, the bill for Obama's spending sprees-- er, um "stimulus packages"-- and the rest wreak havoc on the economy the Dems will blame Boehner and the rest of the House Republicans (the Party of No, remember?) for America's woes.
The next two years are going to be ugly, and the 2012 presidential campaign will probably be as polite and respectful as the Hillary Clinton/Obama race for the 2008 Democratic nomination. If the stakes weren't so incredibly high for the US at this point in time, all of this would be very amusing.

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