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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AP Touts Support for ObamaCare Repeal is Lessening with Flawed Poll-- Numbers of those Favoring ObamaCare Repeal Remain High

Oh AP! There's always something wrong with you...

A widely reprinted AP story, based on a recent AP/GfK poll, is entitled, 'Opposition to health care law eases.' Don't believe it. What has eased isn't the level of opposition to Obamacare, but rather the level of effort that AP/GfK has made to ensure that its polling sample is representative of American voters.

"When the AP/GfK poll screened for likely voters a couple of weeks before the election, it estimated that 48 percent of voters leaned Republican and that 42 percent leaned Democratic (which the election showed to be about right). In its latest survey -- the one that serves as the basis for the AP story -- AP/GfK didn't screen for likely voters and didn't screen for registered voters. Instead, it merely surveyed 1,001 adults. The result? The percentage of Democratic-leaning respondents stayed the same (42 percent), but the percentage of Republican-leaning respondents dropped by 12 points, to 36 percent.

"As one would expect -- with the same percentage of Democratic-leaning respondents having been surveyed both times -- the level of support for Obamacare remained essentially unchanged: 41 percent supported it previously; 40 percent support it now. Just as unsurprisingly, when the percentage of Republican-leaning respondents dropped by 12 points, the level of opposition to Obamacare dropped by 11 points (from 52 to 41 percent).

"Moreover, despite its gross under-representation of Republican-leaning respondents, the current AP/GfK poll still shows more people opposing Obamacare than supporting it, even greater opposition among those who feel strongly, overwhelming opposition to the individual mandate, and more support for repealing Obamacare in its entirety than for keeping Obamacare as it is. There's no story here, even though AP wrote one."

I would wonder if the AP has any shame-- but I know the answer to that one.

As the Quinnipiac polls show as reported by Jim Geraghty, ObamaCare is as unpopular as ever:

From Quinnipiac:
"The key to the public support for repealing the new health care law is among independent voters who want it taken off the books 54 – 37 percent. Republicans agree 83 – 12 percent, while Democrats support the health care reform 76 – 16 percent. Men want it repealed 53 – 40 percent, while women are split with 46 percent in favor of health care reform and 44 percent for repeal. White voters support repeal 56 – 37 percent, while black voters say let the law stand 75 – 15 percent and Hispanics want to keep the law 51 – 28 percent.

"'The Republicans pushing repeal of the health care law have more American people on their side. They may not have the votes in the Senate, but they have many on Main Street,' said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. 'While President Obama’s poll rating has improved in recent weeks, the coalition against his health care plan remains and is quite similar to the one that existed when his numbers were at their nadir [emphasis mine].'"

You go AP! Keep pushing the false narrative! It's not like anyone's ever going to find out...

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