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Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to Blogging

Hello. Just wanted to say that I'm back to blogging after fighting off this tenacious little bug. I don't know what this little bugger was, but it hit me and my family hard. Not my wife, of course. The last time she was sick enough to stay in bed was about 9 years ago. Geez. Why can't I have that immune system?

Ah, well.

So, I'm looking through the political junk, which I mostly avoided while I was ill-- and you would not believe how happy that made me, and find Cyprus in disarray and Obama throwing up missile interceptors in Alaska to allay fears of North Korean nuclear missiles. I don't think Obama's worried about the West Coast so much-- I mean there's a lot of people out here that he believes deserve to be punished-- but is instead concerned about the flaming Obama video North Korea released-- to music from the video game Skyrim no less. Perhaps Obama should just remind everyone in North Korea that they're in a tiny country that's not really a threat to the great and powerful U.S. That's real "smart diplomacy."

Anyway, will post more when I see anything interesting.

Be back soon.


  1. Yay! Welcome back, wonderful Yukio! :)

    1. Thanks Fuzzzy. Of course after posting this, I had some weird relapse where I coughed more violently than before and then fell asleep for like a total of 16 hours in one day. I assure you that I'm not normally that lazy.

      But I woke up feeling pretty good, so here I am.

      BTW, when are you posting again at your blog? I'm anxiously waiting. :)

    2. Oh! So sorry to hear you relapsed. Glad you're better now, though. :)

      Sigh. I have three or four started, but I just haven't finished them. Have some ideas for a couple more, but . . . I just feel kind of overwhelmed by all that's going on right now. But I'll try to get something up soon since you've asked. :D