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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

According to Census, Poverty Up More than 6.6 Million People Under Obama

"Please, don't thank me all at once for this economy. It's hard work to swell the ranks of the unemployed and impoverished. Now, back to the golf course! And don't forget to fly out my dog on a private jet."

The Left-- and its Marxist underpinnings-- makes people poor. That's been a historical truth. And thinking that the sort-of Black community organizer would do better than everybody else in the last 150 years or so, is remarkably silly.

From the CNS News article by Terrence B. Jeffrey:

During the four years that marked President Barack Obama’s first term in office, the real median income of American households dropped by $2,627 and the number of people in poverty increased by approximately 6,667,000, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.  
In 2008, the year Obama was elected, real median household income in the United States was $53,644 according to the Census Bureau. In 2012, the last full year of Obama’s first term, median household income was $51,017. Thus, real median household income dropped $2,627—or 4.89 percent—from 2008 to 2012.  
In fact, real median household income dropped in every year of Obama's first term. In 2008, when he was elected, it was $53,644. In 2009, the year he was inaugurated, it dropped to 53,285. In 2010, his second year in office, it dropped to $51,892. In 2011, his third year in office, it dropped to $51,100. And, in 2012, his fourth year in office, it dropped to $51,017.  
At the same time the number of people living in poverty in the United States increased. In 2008, according to the Census Bureau, there were approximately 39,829,000 people living in poverty in this country. In 2012, there were 46,496,000. That is an increase of approximately 6,667,000—of 16.73 percent—from 2008 to 2012.  
In 2008, the year Obama was elected, people in poverty represented 13.2 percent of the national population. In 2012, they represented 15.0 percent of the population. [emphasis mine]

But pointing this out is racist or something... or it's all the GOP and Bush's fault... or it's because of ATMs... or it's the European debt crisis. Whatever it is, it's not the fault of Obama, nor his Leftist policies. Nope. Not at all.

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