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Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Edition of Saturday Links!

Okay... I'm late on this week's links. And I don't even have a good reason nor the enthusiasm to make up a good excuse... *sigh*

Anyway here's some more links for your perusal. As always, I believe they're all interesting.

Lots of stuff on Cap and Trade passing the House of Reps-- the worst policy/de facto tax foisted upon the American public in decades:

Michelle Malkin has the House roll call round-up here, centering on the eight Republicans who voted "yes" and the Democrats who voted "no." Just a reminder, this bowl of crap passed with a vote of 219 - 212. Also she has congressional office phone numbers and a link to a full roll call that page.

Pat Austin at So it Goes in Shreveport has a number of posts on the subject the last of which includes a story of a psycho woman chasing her around because Pat's dog peed on the woman's lawn. That post probably best sums up my mood on the whole situation.

Quite Rightly at Bread Upon the Waters quotes the estimate that Cap and Trade will increase the price of gas by 77 cents per gallon. Add that cost onto to just about everything that you purchase and is shipped. He also urges you to contact your congressional representative. Well, that's over-- but contact your senators. That is absolutely essential to prevent the damages incurred by this Chicken-Little-panic-science nonsense.

UPDATE: Anne Leary at Backyard Conservative has something to say about Cap and Trade too, complete with a number of excellent links.

Here's a great article (h/t to Barcepundit) in the WSJ regarding the world's more recent reaction to man-made global warming.

Pundit & Pundette have an interesting link to an editorial by L. E. Ikenga comparing Obama's mind-set and those of post-colonial African leaders. Check it out.

Chris M at snaggletoothie of the Loyal Opposition has a great picture of Saturn and several posts on Obamacare. Check them out here and here-- the second of which highlights Obama's personal hypocrisy.

I can't believe this Cap and Trade crap happened while I had my head buried in my book. I feel like I fell asleep at the wheel. I assure you that I'll be calling and e-mailing both of my senators about this when it comes to the Senate. I urge you to do the same. Don't let Obama, Waxman, et al rush this expensive junk through Congress with minimal debate, and without the opportunity to become informed about both the drastic short-term and long-term expenses. Obama's sleazy politics of manufactured crisis and rush must come to an end! This is not how representative democracies are supposed to work.


  1. Thanks for the link! Calls and emails to senators can help. I noticed that our Congressman's young phone intern moved from clueless to seriously concerned about passage of the bill over a few days. A whole lot of people were giving that young man (and the rest of the staff, no doubt) lots of feedback from the real world. Our Congressman ended up being one of the 40 Dems who voted no.

  2. Major congradulations. That is seriously great. My House reps have never responded, neither here in Oregon, nor when I lived in California.

  3. But nobody should not try. Complacency cannot be a value espoused within a representative democracy.