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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hizbullah Loses in Lebanon!

Some great news from Lebanon!

The "March 14" parties beat out the Hizbollah-led alliance winning 70 out of 128 seats!

William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has a short post here. And Prof. Jacobson's sources are here (Naharnet News), here (Monsters and Critics) and here (Al Jazeera). I can't seem to drum up any AP or Reuters articles myself yet, hmm...

Background on Lebanon's recent political history is here via wikipedia.

Maybe it's a little too early to celebrate, but not too early to get a little excited...


  1. This absolutely good news and well worth celebrating. But until we know how Syria reacts to the news we won't really know how this will play out. I'll take cautious optimism for now.

  2. I second Carol. As much as a Hizbullah loss is a great thing, Lebanon is full of suprises, sadly.

  3. Very true on both you guys' points.

    If the US was showing any backbone to the international community-- especially regarding the mid-East-- I would be far more encouraged. As it is, I opt for "cautious optimism" like Carol. But I believe the coming months will, tragically, be bloody.