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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama Declares Stimulus Successful as Unemployment Reaches 26 Year High

Obama is so lost and in over his head. I would almost feel sorry for him if he didn't regularly exhibit such Mussolini-like arrogance. Instead, I just feel sorry for us duped Americans.

While Obama strides about like a preacher and rather testily declares (brief video here h/t Pundit & Pundette and read their take on this) that the Recovery Act has "done its job," the nation's jobless rate has risen to 9.5%-- a 26 year high per the AP.

My favorite Obama lines: "Don't let people fool you with this notion that somehow the reason for our deficit has to do with-- for example the Recovery Act." And then "It's [presumably the Recovery Act] a tiny fraction of our long-term deficit projections."

Hilarious. The Recovery Act is just the beginning of our projected deficits. But it's Bush's fault-- or something. Greed... that's it! Unbridled corporate greed has caused these long-term deficit projections.

Obama seems like he's completely out of his depth and he appears genuinely surprised that he can't handle things very well. I guess cocky arrogance and self-declared audacity isn't quite enough to be president. Go figure.

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