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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health Care "Reform" Bill HR 3962 Scheduled for Vote on Saturday

According to CQ Politics (h/t Pat @ So it Goes in Shreveport), HR 3962 is scheduled to be put to the vote on Saturday.

"The House is moving toward a floor vote Saturday on its big health care overhaul, after Democratic leaders worked to nail down votes from some of their members who want stronger anti-abortion language in the bill.


"The abortion issue remains one of the biggest headaches for Democratic leaders working to round up the 218 votes needed for passage of President Obama’s top legislative priority. All of those votes will have to come from within their own ranks; Republicans are expected to be united in opposition to the bill."

This bill is 1990 pages long. I started reading it on Oct. 30-- the day after it was released-- and I'm not even halfway through this monster. Yet, I can tell you that it imposes many of the same garbage that HR3200 did including imposing a political appointee (the "health choices commissioner") to regulate and, in effect, ration your health coverage. The language includes a Health Benefits Advisory Committee that will effectively ration health coverage. Such language was included in the original HR3200.

Don't be fooled by $890 billion figure being carelessly tossed about. The provisions in HR 3962 will not work for that price. HR 3962 will, in fact, cost over $1 trillion in the first 10 years-- a foreseeable figure is $2 trillion. The CBO estimates that 18 million individuals will remain uninsured after that money is spent (currently somewhere around 19 million Americans cannot afford health insurance). As the cost spirals, the government will be forced to save money by reducing your coverage and the quality of your care. It will have no other choice, as has been demonstrated in countries such as Britain and Canada.

As I have posted before, The Wall Street Journal has labeled HR3962 as "The Worst Bill Ever" and has written "[e]ssentially, all insurers will become government contractors, in the business of fulfilling political demands: There will be no such thing as 'private' health insurance."

Doing nothing would be far better and less harmful to people than the provisions in this bill. As it is an alternative would help and be deficit reducing, but the House Dems continue to push this bill.

Again, I urge you to contact your Congressional Reps. Melt the phones! Tell them that you do not want this 1990 pages of laws shoved down all of our throats. We cannot afford to remain quiet on this.

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