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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Obama Rallies House Dems with Reference to Fort Hood Shooting

Amid my disappointment (not unexpected) regarding the passage of the House health care "reform" bill is this little gem from the AP (h/t Instapundit).

"Debate on the House floor had already begun when Obama strode into a closed-door meeting of the Democratic rank and file across the street from the Capitol to make a final personal appeal to them to pass his top domestic priority. While the session was private, he later said he had told the rank and file 'that opportunities like this come around maybe once in a generation.... This is their moment, this is our moment, to live up to the trust that the American people have placed in us...'

"'I urge members of Congress to rise to this moment. Answer the call of history, and vote yes for health insurance reform for America,' he said.

"Participants also said Obama had referred to this week's shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, in which 13 people were killed. His remarks put in perspective that the hardships soldiers endure for the country are 'what sacrifice really is,' as opposed to 'casting a vote that might lose an election for you,' said Rep. Robert Andrews, D-N.J [emphasis mine]."

Classy. Did Obama still fly off to Camp David after this pitch as scheduled?

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  1. Obama shouldn't be lecturing anyone about sacrifice. Anyone who has made most of the decisions in his life with the sole goal of acquiring ever more power and money knows nothing about sacrifice. Dante must have an especially ugly circle for men like Obama who only get ahead by playing on the neediness and poverty of others.