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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sorry for the Absence...

I'm sorry about the long lay off. As I posted before, a lot of my family's birthdays fall into this stretch of the year and I've been distracted with all this holiday-family-togetherness and stuff. Fortunately my health has improved (or at least held reasonably steady), and I'll be posting regularly again after Jan. 1. In the mean time, check out any one of the links in the blog list... all great sites.

I hope everyone out there had a merry Christmas!

Yukio Ngaby


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Happy New Year.

  2. Yukio-

    I remember your collection of Obama doll images. Came across one you might like to add, just for fun. At Amazon.com, search for PRESIDENT OBAMA SURFING 4" DASHBOARD DOLL.

    Happy Series of Family Birthdays, and wishing you and yours a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.