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Sunday, January 24, 2010

HillBuzz Under Attack by Daily Kos and MoveOn.org

It seems that the blog HillBuzz, Hillary Clinton supporters turned McCain supporters following the nasty Democratic Primary, is under attack by Daily Kos and MoveOn.org.

Carol's Closet has a good collection here, including details from A Conservative Lesbian.

Backyard Conservative is also noting the story.

Click on any of the links to get started following the story. It seems that the Kossacks and others attackers are using the standard attack of yelling "racist." I have a passing familiarity with HillBuzz, but the attacks themselves seem to be motivated as typical smears rather than anything based in fact.

From HillBuzz:

"The Left is doing this to us now, on a personal level, because we backed Scott Brown, came up with the Hottie McAwesome tactic to defuse their best attacks against him, and refused to buckle and shut up when we were told to.

"Now, we were told by several good friends not to talk about any of this, and not to write a post like this taking this on directly. We were also advised to 'just stop writing' and all of this would go away eventually. There was even one Democrat who advised us, 'if you just stop, and close down the site, I’ll see to it that Kos and the others remove what they are saying, and we’ll help you clean things up on Google'. That sure felt like extortion to us.

"This is really what Democrats have become at this point.

"The party we loved our whole life has been taken over by thugs, who threaten, libel, malign, persecute, and extort anyone who does not fall in line with their Liberal-Socialist agenda. We’ve been on the receiving end of this harassment since November of 2007, when we started campaigning in Iowa for Hillary Clinton and first found ourselves on the receiving ends of Alinsky Method techniques. All of that increased 10, 100, and 1000 fold after we launched this site, started up Democrats for McCain efforts after Hillary suspended her presidential bid in June 2008, and we started actively promoting Sarah Palin as America’s best hope for the future in 2009."

I have to wonder if any of this is motivated by the shock and panic stemming from the Brown Senate campaign-- a reflex perhaps. Maybe the half-baked idea is to drive out effective internet campaigning with these pot shot attacks against people they deem knowledgeable about such and a threat. Don't know, but I gotta wonder...

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