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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Personal Update: I'll Be Back in a Week

Hi all. Just dropping in a brief note to say that I'm still alive and haven't forgotten this blog. It's been two weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty decent. I'm still a little weak, and my mind's still a bit dull and distracted. My coordination is still a little off (I'm making a lot of type-os as I write this), but I'm improving steadily.

I cannot tell you how nice it's been to just sit around, sip ginger ale, snack on popsicles and just forget about politics for a while. Well, at least for the last week when the pain subsided.

Reality has this way of intruding no matter where you hide however. I have a number of personal and career issues to get back into a semblance of order before I can settle back into blogging. A week should be enough time, so I'm setting April 21st as my return date.

I'll talk to you all then. Thanks again to all the wishes for a speedy recovery. They're much appreciated.

Talk to you all soon,
Yukio Ngaby


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  2. Man, another comment with a link to Asian porn. This is like pulling weeds...

  3. Hope you're doing well, Yukio. You're much missed. Having been through a couple of surgeries, I can give you a fun tip: percocet and rum raisin ice cream. Try it, you'll like it. :)

  4. Thanks Fuzzy. Actually I had a bad reaction to percocet, threw up a lot and had to get on an IV to get rehydrated (fun stuff). So it was vicodin for me. I'm off all of that nonsense now.

    I'll be back soon-- had a little complication (a sinus and ear infection), but that's in the process of clearing up now.

    Gotta get my mind back in tune and get back to being informed. Fun... fun...fun... It's so much more fun to be uninformed. Go figure.

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  6. I get them too. How come conservative blogs end up being spammed by commies?

  7. Well, let's be fair. Porn is a for profit enterprise, right? And mine are Japanese often enough...

    As for the Chinese ones, well perhaps it should be inspiring to see the entrepreneurial spirit flourishing not so long after the Cultural Revolution... heh.