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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Democratic Nominee Alvin Greene-- Shouldn't a Reality Show Be in the Works?

We all know about Alvin Greene, the mega-surprise Democratic Senatorial nominee from South Carolina. He's 32, currently collecting unemployment, lives with his parents (following 13 years of military service in the Air Force and Army which ended with an honorable but involuntary discharge), has a background devoid of any political activities (as far as anyone can tell), and has pending felony charges stemming from allegedly showing a 19-year-old college student pornographic images on a computer. And his own Congressional Representative, Jim Clyburn, has called for an investigation claiming that Greene may be a GOP plant. Greene categorically denies this charge.

After watching these videos of a couple of Greene's interviews, my wife made the comment that she smells a reality show right around the corner. I say she's right. Can one really be that far away?

Possible titles for the show from my wife: "The Pursuit of Greene," "Going Greene," or "Red, White, and Greene"-- that last title referencing Clyburn's GOP plant accusation, I suppose.

Any others?

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  1. Your title made me laugh . . . but you know, I think you and your wife may be on to something. How about "The Greening of America"? Or "Greene Makers" (sort of playing on Green Acres and querying that mystery cash of his)?