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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Battling the Claims of Islamaphobia, and the Left's Fickle Favors

Check out Jonah Goldberg's short piece at the National Review Online (h/t Anne Leary at Backyard Conservative).

From Goldberg's article:

"According to the FBI, hate crimes against Muslims increased by a staggering 1,600 percent in 2001. That sounds serious! But wait, the increase is a math mirage. There were 28 anti-Islamic incidents in 2000. That number climbed to 481 the year a bunch of Muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 Americans in the name of Islam on Sept. 11.

"Regardless, 2001 was the zenith or, looked at through the prism of our national shame, the nadir of the much-discussed anti-Muslim backlash in the United States — and civil libertarians and Muslim activists insisted it was 1930s Germany all over again. The following year, the number of anti-Islamic hate-crime incidents (overwhelmingly, nonviolent vandalism and nasty words) dropped to 155. In 2003, there were 149 such incidents. And the number has hovered around the mid-100s or lower ever since.

"Sure, even one hate crime is too many. But does that sound like an anti-Muslim backlash to you?

"Let’s put this in even sharper focus. America is, outside of Israel, probably the most receptive and tolerant country in the world to Jews. And yet, in every year since 9/11, more Jews have been hate-crime victims than Muslims. A lot more.

"In 2001, there were twice as many anti-Jewish incidents as there were anti-Muslim, according to the FBI. In 2002 and pretty much every year since, anti-Jewish incidents have outstripped anti-Muslim incidents by at least 6 to 1. Why aren’t we talking about the anti-Jewish climate in America?

"Because there isn’t one. And there isn’t an anti-Muslim climate either. Yes, there’s a lot of heated rhetoric on the Internet. Absolutely, some Americans don’t like Muslims. But if you watch TV or movies, or read, say, the op-ed page of the New York Times — never mind left-wing blogs — you’ll hear much more open bigotry toward evangelical Christians (in blogspeak, the 'Taliban wing of the Republican party') than you will toward Muslims [emphasis mine]."

Not a bad bit of work from Goldberg. However I have to add that America doesn't talk about an anti-Jewish climate in the US because there is no political gain in it for the Democrats and the Left-friendly portions of the media.

The Left champions those they perceive as victims. Marxism, a theory inextricably based on class conflict and revolution, requires such a narrow oppressed/oppressor focus. The watered down theory of Marxism, mainstream Socialism, retains its oppressed/oppressor and revolutionist nature. Succeeding therefore disqualifies a people, however arbitrarily perceived and projected upon by the Left, from the Left's good graces.

During the formation of Israel, Jews enjoyed wide support by the American Left. The Jewish people had been devastated, in the truest sense of the word, by the Holocaust and were poster children for the Left's good graces. Yet, as Israel succeeded in defending itself from the Arab nations surrounding it, as it established itself as a viable and prosperous country, the Left's view changed. Suddenly the terrorist activities of the PLO became understandable to the Left, perversely evolving into legitimate and laudable.

By succeeding and prospering, Israel managed to price themselves right out of the Left's good graces. And by extension, real or not, American Jews are no longer favored by the Left's media and Jewish hate crimes are not hidden away, but are considered to be not a big a deal. After all, the thought goes, Israel brings such actions upon Jews by oppressing the Palestinians. Should the Palestinian leadership succeed in their bid to wipe Israel from the face of the map, I'm sure the Left would suddenly be very sympathetic to the plight of the Jews. After all, the Jewish people could then be used to, once again, demonstrate how compassionate and charitable the Left is.

Goldberg should also be commended for devoting the right amount of time to the accusations. The American Left has used the strategy of crying "racist" to control an issue (see the infamous Journolist for some of the most blatant examples). By forcing conservatives to sputter and defend themselves from the charge, the Left takes control of the debate. Goldberg briefly smacks down Time and the Left's strategic but still atrocious accusation, and then moves on. That's the correct response.


  1. Yukio, between this post and your recent comments at Potluck, I'd really really really like to read something by you that lays out exactly what Islam is (the various sects you mention, etc.). Many of us, myself very much included, don't know much about Islam or Muslims more generally. There is so much conflicting information out there, just as there is about Christianity, but with this, I at least know what's what, for I am a Christian and have been raised in a Christian nation and culture. Weeding through all the nonsense about Islam and extracting truth/facts . . . well, I've read you on Marx and socialism and I know that you can do it as no one else can.

  2. No pressure, though, it's a huge thing to ask of you. I will totally understand if you decline to do a series on it. :D

  3. Okay, one more thing, I've read your comments on other posts, but here's the deal, what horrors you talk about regarding Christianity are literally centuries old. Add to that the question of whether or not it is "okay" for Christians to call for and implement the death of anyone who "disses" Jesus or the Bible, as we know all too well is not only acceptable but celebrated among Muslims, and we know that's not okay.

    But I fear, my dear friend, that you may not be thinking about all of this rationally. Not that you're irrational, just that we know--for a fact--that certain Muslims (and I suspect it's far more than are actually actively working to kill us) want us dead, all of us, just as they want all of Israel wiped "from the face of the earth" and all Jews dead (they've said this, it's not hyperbole). They. Want. All. Jews. Dead. And they are going to get nuclear weapons (thanks to BO, who's openly promised to stand with the Muslim world should things get out of hand--and they are, mainly, of course, because of him), and they are going to use them.

    Yukio, explain to me (slowly, I guess, because I don't get it) how Christianity poses the same threat to our country or to any country that Islam poses. Explain to me the difference between "radical" Muslims and those who simply approve their actions and celebrate their accomplishments by dancing in the streets and burning our flag and president in effigy. I get that there are disinterested Muslims, just as there are disinterested Christians, but when push comes to shove, these so-called disinterested Muslims support jihad against non-Muslims, particularly those in the west. And we know this because they've said it (or have tacitly said it by refusing to condemn terror and its many groups from al Queada to Hammas).