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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama to UN: I'm a Great Leap Forward for Human Rights in America

I had a dental appointment today, so not much blogging as I try to not chew a hole into the side of my cheek.

Check out this opinion piece in the Washington Examiner today. Obama has submitted a report to the UN declaring his administration to be a great leap forward for the United States. Ah yes, egotism-- the mark of a true humanitarian.

From the editorial:

"President Obama's administration recently submitted a report to the United Nations on human rights in America. The 29-page report shows the nation badly flawed but fortunate to have a Nobel Prize winner as its leader. The report is billed as 'a partial snapshot of the current human rights situation in the United States, including some of the areas where problems persist in our society.' Among the nation's shortcomings listed in the report:


"» It's too hard to form a union, the document says -- either that or unions have just become less relevant. But don't worry, 'there are several bills in our Congress that seek to strengthen workers' rights' -- bills like "card check," which will help institutionalize union intimidation and coercion by taking away a worker's right to a secret ballot.

"The report also notes that as bad as our human rights situation is, help is on the way -- all thanks to Obama:

"» America made 'great strides' in human rights when 'President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law.' That's better known as Obamacare, the law that 60 percent of us want repealed.


"» The report mentions that in recent months, 'the Department of Justice has worked to strengthen enforcement of federal voting rights laws.' (So, just pretend, at least for a moment, that the New Black Panther case never happened.)

"You get the picture: This is a self-serving political document that portrays Obama policies as great leaps forward, and things he opposes as steps backward. In the Bush years, America ignored the UN High Commission on Human Rights because the panel too often gave voice and sometimes positions of leadership to such human rights beacons as Cuba and China. Now, under Obama, our government is producing propaganda for world consumption at the expense of the American people. In other words, Obama has not merely joined Cuba and China on the commission, he is imitating their leaders' tactics, too."

I just love how Obama is so quick to herald the passing of unpopular and economically fascist laws like ObamaCare as being progress toward human rights. Benito Mussolini, that great champion of human civil rights, would be so proud...

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