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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jewish Republican Candidate Katz's Signs Painted with Anti-Semitic Slurs

On Oct. 7th, Portland ME local station WGME reported that Republican senatorial candidate Roger Katz's campaign signs were painted with anti-Semitic slurs. The words "Jew Pig" and "Jew ZOG" (ZOG standing for Zionist Occupation Government or Zionist Overlord Government, an acronym often used by neo-Nazis) had been scrawled over his "Katz Senate" signs. The entire entry on their website reads:

"Maine's Attorney General's Office is investigating the discovery of anti-Semitic messages on the campaign sign of a legislative candidate.

"Roger Katz, who was the target of the messages, says it serves as a reminder that prejudice is still alive. But he says it doesn't represent the sentiment of most people in the community."

The MSM seems absolutely silent on the matter. A Google search for "Roger Katz signs" "Roger Katz + anti-Semitism" and "Roger Katz + nazi" "Roger Katz + signs defaced" revealed that a handful of bloggers (the bigger ones being Gateway Pundit [where I saw the story today], Left Coast Rebel [who ran a similar search], Riehl World View) reported the story. Right Wing News seems to have addressed this story recently (today Oct.13th).

Among the MSM only myfoxmaine.com (not really a news stataion according to Obama and Dems), obviously in addition to WGME, has reported the story. Interestingly, WLTX in Columbia, South Carolina linked to the Riehl World View entry. Other than that, the MSM is mum according to these searches.

Can you imagine the outcry had Roger Katz had a "D" by his name?

Typical "mascot politics." Racism is only a story when it can be spun to hurt mainstream conservatives, not when perpetrated by a few fringe-dwelling neo-nazis against a Republican candidate.

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