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Monday, October 18, 2010

Swiss Suicide Clinic Advocates Suicide for Victims' Healthy Relatives Too

Ah, yes... Why can't America's health care be more like Europe?

From an article in the UK's Daily Mail Online:

"Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas has called for the healthy partners of chronically ill euthanasia patients to be allowed to kill themselves too.

"Clinic head Ludwig Minelli has called for suicide drug cocktails to be made legally available to the heartbroken relatives who have just helped their loved ones end their own lives.

"'Relatives should also be allowed to have a prescription for suicide drugs even when they are not terminally ill,' Minelli told Swiss newspaper Blick Sonntag.

"The family suicide kits would be illegal under current Swiss law where assisted euthanasia is only legal for those suffering from terminal illness of incurable chronic medical conditions.
Minelli was virtually penniless when he founded the Swiss firm 12 years ago but was worth more than £1million by 2007, according to an investigation.

"Although assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, it is against the law to profit financially from someone’s death."

I guess the theory is that it's okay to indulge in behavior most people would consider immoral as long as there's no profit (the true evil) in it. How progressive... And gosh, it's nice to see that these million dollar clinics aren't profiting from their suicide business.

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