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Monday, September 3, 2012

"Hug a Union Thug" Booths Set Up Day Before DNC

Hug-a-thug... Real catchy. Just don't try to sell Gadsden flags around them-- especially if you're black.

From The Hill article by Kevin Bogardus (h/t Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit):

"This Labor Day, unions are trying a mix of celebrity, social media and humor to polish up the labor movement’s image in the eyes of everyday people.

"In Charlotte, people will be asked to 'hug a union thug' at a CarolinaFest booth sponsored by the North Carolina State AFL-CIO the day before the Democratic National Convention officially begins. Also in honor of Monday, videos are being posted online thanking workers while actors and athletes will use Twitter to express support for union rights.

"The effort comes as labor has seen increased attacks from Republican-controlled state legislatures and governors since the 2010 elections. Unions were unsuccessful in their attempt earlier this summer to oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) after he pushed through legislation that curbed some public workers’ collective bargaining rights"


"The soft sell also comes as Democrats head into Charlotte for their convention. The choice of Charlotte angered several in labor due to North Carolina’s status as a right-to-work state and having the lowest union density in the country."


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