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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Historic First Under Obama: United States Dropped from Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries

Congratulations! Obamanomics in action! Well, that and an increase in poverty, homelessness, and taxes, the devaluation of the dollar, the shrinking incomes of the middle class...

From Small Business Trends (h/t Instapundit):

"The London-based Think Tank Legatum Institute recently offered empirical evidence of what many Americans have been thinking lately. Our national well-being is slipping.

"Over the past four years, prosperity has increased around the globe, while it has remained stagnant in the United States, the Legatum Institute reports. As a result, the Institute ranked the United States 12th out of 142 countries on its 2012 Prosperity Index, putting the country outside the top ten for the first time."

Heckuva job Light-bringer (Lucifer)! Heckuva job!

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