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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pro-Union Mob Violence in Michigan

Douglas Geiss' money quote: "There will be blood"

Not long after Michigan State Rep Douglas Geiss, a Democrat, threatened that "there will be blood" (video here) if Michigan passes a "right to work" bill, a pro-union mob tore down the Americans for Prosperity tents while attacking several occupants (video here).

It's all part of the New Tone, I guess. Get for ready for more political violence. It's definitely on the way with a president who indulges in class warfare while huddling behind charges of critics' racial bias.


Apparently the Michigan House Democrats were so proud of Geiss' heated rhetoric (or so anxious to instill fear) that they tweeted his quote--  then deleted the tweet following the outbreak of actual violence. You can't do that people. Ah, twitter... as I've said before its slogan should be "Speak up. Only the people at your table know you're an asshole."

Screenshot via Dana Loesch

UPDATE 2: "There will be blood."

Steven Crowder was sucker punched by a man wearing a union jacket with the name Tony Cxxxxxx embroidered on it. (Video here) and (longer video here). As can be seen in both videos Crowder did nothing to provoke a violent response. Just another union man out to talk over political differences I guess...

Michelle Malkin has a load of videos depicting union thuggery in Michigan, including the classic American phrase: "Leave us alone or we’re coming for you." Nice. Check it out here.

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