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Monday, January 7, 2013

Shocker: Crime Increases After Ca. Releases Criminals Due to Budget Constraints

"No spending problems here." *sigh*

A sign of things to come?

From Ben Shapiro at Breitbart:

Since October 2011, property crime in the state of California has jumped dramatically; from October 2011 to January 2012, property crime skyrocketed 4.5 percent throughout the state. In the previous nine months, property crime had been down some 2.4%.

So, what happened? Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill that let low-level offenders out of prison to prevent overcrowding in the penitentiary system. Those offenders ended up in the hands of county sheriffs, who quickly released them due to overwork. According to the Wall Street Journal:

While the attorney general doesn't release 2012 data until late this year, localities ranging in size from Sacramento to Santa Rosa in Sonoma County saw property crimes rise last year. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which hasn't reported 2012 crime data, says property crimes fell 0.5% nationally in 2011 from a year earlier.

This is reason 11,381 as to why I left California.

Meanwhile, even though law breakers are being released due to lack of funds, we should remember that we don't have a spending problem-- so says Obama. I guess we just have a tax problem, or super trillion dollar health care costs or something. Well, that's a load off my mind...

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