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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ca. Proposes Forcing Gun Owners to Buy Insurance

"It's a just like auto insurance. Or it's a tax. Whatever... Just give up your guns or pay out money!!"
Words of wisdom: when the government is given the power to force citizens to buy something, they'll do it.

From NBC San Diego:

Democratic lawmakers proposed legislation Tuesday that would require California gun owners to buy liability insurance to cover damages or injuries caused by their weapons.

Similar bills have been introduced in other states after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. They include Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York. 
Ting [Assemblyman Philip Ting of San Francisco, who introduced the bill] equated the idea to requiring vehicle owners to buy auto insurance [huh, now where have I heard that argument before *cough* ObamaCare *cough*]. Gomez said it would encourage gun owners to take firearms safety classes and keep their guns locked up to get lower insurance rates.
No state has enacted the requirement despite repeated previous attempts, said Jon Griffin, a policy analyst with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Some proposals would require buyers to show proof of insurance before they could purchase a weapon. The proposal in California would apply to anyone owning a weapon, Ting said, though the bill's details are still being worked out.
Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, said most gun owners already act responsibly and can be sued for damages if they don't.

He said the proposal is part of an ongoing attempt to "price gun owners out of existence,'' particularly the law-abiding poor who live in crime-ridden areas and need protection the most. Criminals would ignore the law, he said. [Now Paredes is just being negative. Of course the criminals will buy liability insurance for their guns. Just how silly is this guy to suggest otherwise?]

Moreover, he questioned whether it is constitutional to require someone to buy insurance to exercise a constitutional right.
I'm afraid Sam Paredes will find that this is just another tax leveled by the legislature. Right?

It's just one more reason that I'm glad that I moved out of California...


  1. Sounds about right. Isn't this pretty much Obama's plan to kill the coal industry? Why sure, you can build a coal plant, but I'll make sure that it bankrupts you . . . .

    1. You're back Fuzzy! I'm glad to see you again. I was wondering where you went.

      Yeah, Obama's a real sweetheart. Let's decrease the median income of middle calss families, raise their taxes and their utility bills. I guess the MSM propping him up is the only thing keeping his approval rating out the toilet.