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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Under the Weather Again

Sorry, but I'm fighting some kind of illness right now. I'll be out of the blogging world for a few days more-- maybe a week. And it's likely that I'll have to have another surgical procedure soon after (unrelated to this illness which is probably just a bad cold or the flu).

I'll post more when I can.

Yukio Ngaby

UPDATE 3/6/13: Still not feeling great. This bug is a tenacious little cuss, but I am improving. I should be back next week, I think.

In the mean time, check out Thomas Sowell's essay "Will Obama turn the United States into the world's largest banana republic?" I think the answer is he's trying-- or is he trying to turn us into the largest social-democracy... I forget which. And little difference in the long run, except for the annoying pomposity of the leadership classes in social-democracies.


  1. Aw, take care of you and get better soon! :D

    1. Thanks Fuzzy. I appreciate it. :)

      Ironically I have a doctor's appt. Mon. but it's the wrong kind of doc (surgeon's pre-op) and I'm not sure I'll be well enough to go to the appt. LOL

      Whatever this bug is, it's a real pain but I'll get better-- hopefully soon.