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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gallup: Only 4% of Americans Think Guns & Gun Control are Important Problems

"I don't care what the rest of you think. I want gun control and I want it NOW!! I mean, it's for the sake of the children... just like the stimulus and my trillion dollar spending sprees."

And that's after a major media push.

From the CNS News article by Michael James:

Only 4 percent of Americans think guns and gun control are an important problem facing the country, according to Gallup, and far more Americans are concerned about the economy, unemployment and the federal debt.

In its poll from Apr. 4-7, Gallup surveyed 1,005 adults by telephone and asked, “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?”

Respondents answered in the following order:

Economy in general 24%
Unemployment/Jobs 18%
Dissatisfaction with Government 16%
Federal budget deficit/Federal debt 11%
Healthcare 6%
Ethical/Moral/Family decline 5%
Immigration/Illegal aliens 4%
Education 4%
Guns/Gun control 4%
Situation with North Korea 4%
Lack of Money 3%
Welfare 2%
Lack of respect for each other 2%
Poverty/Hunger/Homelessness 2%
Foreign aid/Focus overseas 2%
Taxes 2%

Despite the Obama administration’s strong push for more gun control legislation, few Americans are concerned about the issue.

As Gallup reports, “Few Americans mention guns or immigration as the most important problems facing the nation today, despite the current attention lawmakers in Washington are giving to these issues. The economy still dominates as the top concern, followed by jobs and dissatisfaction with the general way in which Congress and the government work.”
Of course Obama has failed miserably when working with Congress, preferring instead to run a continuous smear campaign and to indulge in class warfare to to shift blame from his amateur hour policies. And of course Obama's dealings with the the economy and debt have been utter failures. Indeed Obama is preparing to deal America a tremendous blow when ObamaCare begins to kick in full force in 2014.

Clearly Obama and the Dems don't want the economy and government functions in the limelight, so they ignore the whole thing and go after the next item on the Leftist agenda-- gun control. Play to the base, and blame all problems on the GOP, the Tea Party, racism, Bush, and anything else handy.


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