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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Terrorist Bombs Explode During Boston Marathon; Members of Left Media Immediately Implicate American Right

Never let a crisis-- nor a tragedy-- go to waste.

While police, rightfully, remain tight-lipped about who the suspect of the Boston Marathon Bombing might be, within mere hours the Left media has gone into overdrive blaming "waterer[s] of the tree of liberty and the like," for the attack.

From Dana Loesch writing at Red State:

The practice of journalism as an objective excercise[sic] is dead. It has been for some time, if it ever existed.

Not hours after the bombings did these vultures begin spinning:
Charles Pierce at Esquire:
BOSTON — This is just breaking, but at least two explosions occurred in downtown Boston near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Several people were injured and two have been reported dead. There are reports of people missing limbs. Obviously, nobody knows anything yet, but I would caution folks jumping to conclusions about foreign terrorism to remember that this is the official Patriots Day holiday in Massachusetts, celebrating the Battles at Lexington and Concord, and that the actual date (April 19) was of some significance to, among other people, Tim McVeigh, because he fancied himself a waterer of the tree of liberty and the like.
Peter Bergen at CNN targets “right wing groups”:

Huffington Post blogger and Al Sharpton radio producer Nida Khan:

Here’s a superintendent of Wisconsin schools – included not because he’s media, but because this man is in charge of shaping young minds. Haven’t they already had a scandal?

Chris Matthews chimed in: video. So did Youtube-demoted Cenk Uygur.
Nick Kristof of the New York Times:

This isn’t journalism. This is speculation. It’s hackneyed. It’s malicious, unprofessional, and dangerous. The lack of professionalism demonstrated by the above should be enough to shame them forever from the profession, but the profession now thrives on tabloid-level “reporting.”
After a tragedy the normal person responds by falling to their knees in prayer. The compassionate person responds with concern for the affected. The professional reports the facts and differentiates between speculation and confirmation.
While Loesch blames the lack of professionalism-- a not altogether incorrect response-- the problem goes much deeper than that. These people really and truly believe that the American Right is just that one step away from declaring a dictatorship of the "American Taliban" in this country. Frankly, they're victims of their own propaganda, deceivers who have been able to deceive themselves along with low information voters.

By downplaying the numerous terrorist threats attempted and perpetrated by both the Islamists (9/11, the shoe bomber, the Portland Ore. Christmas tree lighting bomber, etc.) and the hard Left (Weather Underground, Unabomber, Occupy members plots to destroy bridges in Cleveland, the Washington DC shooting at the Family Research Center, etc.), they have created a distorted view of reality that they truly believe. It provides the excuse for some of the appalling vitriol, death threats over twitter, and the occasional plot or act of domestic terrorism.

Their intentional divisiveness often overshadows the simple fact that the Left media continues to exist and thrive in a fictitious modern world of Jim Crow-era racism and unrealized fears of a patriot terrorist movement, a la the deplorable White Supremacist Turner Diaries (no link to trash like that will be given).

While we Americans should be united in shock and sorrow over this senseless act of terrorism, the Left continues to reflexively divide and blame due to both their "blame-the-opponent" mentality-- something baked into the essence of their political philosophy, and as victims of their own propaganda.

This was a violent attack against the innocent on American soil. As Americans, we should be united in grief and outrage. We should then crave for the truth regarding this inexcusable attack and demand that justice be done. Instead we are treated to malicious speculation, pre-calculated political attacks, and grievance mongering within moments of the explosions. It is pathetic, without human compassion, and disgusting.

How far we have fallen in such a short time.

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  1. You nail it: [quote]Their intentional divisiveness often overshadows the simple fact that the Left media continues to exist and thrive in a fictitious modern world of Jim Crow-era racism and unrealized fears of a patriot terrorist movement, a la the deplorable White Supremacist Turner Diaries (no link to trash like that will be given).

    While we Americans should be united in shock and sorrow over this senseless act of terrorism, the Left continues to reflexively divide and blame due to both their "blame-the-opponent" mentality-- something baked into the essence of their political philosophy, and as victims of their own propaganda.[/quote]

    That's exactly it; they do live in a sort of alternate universe that's based in a mixture of the worst of our past, their own bigotry and myopia, and a sick desire to see this country torn apart by violence in the streets.