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Friday, June 14, 2013

IRS Reportedly Training with AR-15 Rifles

"When I said gun control, I meant taking away the guns from you folks and giving them to the agencies of the executive branch. Or did I forget to mention that? My bad."

I guess they're getting ready for the enforcement of ObamaCare-- nobody mentioned it involved arming IRS agents with assault rifles.

From WYFF News (h/t Gateway Pundit):

South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District representative wants to know why he saw IRS agents training with powerful, semi-automatic rifles.
Republican Jeff Duncan said he made the discovery at a Maryland Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on May 23. 
The congressman was touring the facility with Homeland Security officials as part of his investigation into the amount of ammunition purchases the agency conducts. 
Duncan told News 4’s Sean Muserallo he saw about eight or nine shooters identified to him as IRS agents practicing at an indoor 100-yard range. 
“While we were sitting there,” said Duncan, “the gentleman told them to sling their weapons and load a 30-round magazine into the AR-15s they were training with.”
Duncan said he was concerned about what he saw. 
“Why do IRS law enforcement agents need standoff capability that you would have with a long rifle or with a weapon similar to an AR-15? They’re generally investigating tax evasion, fraud and money laundering. We think of the IRS as an audit agency more than doing the type of law enforcement where they have to use an AR-15.” 
Duncan said the IRS has the resources of the federal government, including the FBI, if they come into a situation where they feel like they need a SWAT team.
And I suppose the IRS feels that they might need a SWAT team during some audits of conservative non-profits.

Does anybody get the feeling we might see another Waco incident where poorly trained agents decide to play SWAT with somebody right before funding time?

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