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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dem. Wisconsin State Rep. Ryan Winkler Calls Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom"

Representative Ryan Winkler: "But I thought Democrats can't be racist!"


...and then says he didn't know it was racist. Winkler probably insults White people by calling them Uncle Toms too. Uh, right?

From Doug Powers at MichelleMalkin.com:

The SCOTUS ruling on the Voting Rights Act was released this morning, causing the left to move John Roberts from the “brilliant adjudicator” column back to “hated Bush appointee” status. After the 5-4 ruling, Wisconsin Democrat State Rep. Ryan Winkler wrote a tweet that he later deleted which said in part “VOA majority is four accomplices to race discrimination and one Uncle Thomas”: 
After getting some flak, Winkler tweeted "I did not understand 'Uncle Tom' as a racist term, and there seems to be some debate about it. I do apologize for it, however."

I'm pretty sure the term Uncle Tom isn't racist when a White Democrat uses it against Black conservative... well, that and a host of other racial slurs.

All that aside however, look at Winkler's actually saying. He's basically stating that "I didn't mean to be racist, I was just trying to insult Thomas by saying that he's not really a Black man." Got it. And that's his PR-smoothing-over-reasoning. Nice.

So, all minorities should remember if you stray from the Democratic party line, a bunch of White Democrats will shower you with racial insults. And if you're lucky, then they might tell you that they didn't know they were being racist.

UPDATE: Winkler has issued a laughable statement.

I was very disappointed today in the Supreme Court decision to roll back key provisions of the Voting Rights Act because I believe the Voting Rights Act is one of the most important steps our nation has taken to eliminate racial discrimination. 
In expressing that disappointment on twitter, I hastily used a loaded term that is offensive to many. My words were inappropriate and I apologize. The implications of this Supreme Court decision are serious for our state and country and I regret that my comments have distracted from the serious dialogue we must have going forward to ensure racial discrimination has no place in our election system.
You hear that? Winkler used a racial slur because he was so very, very upset about the racism in our election system. LOL. So, let's all just move on from this distraction and focus on the real problem... which is everyone else's racism. LOL.

What a sniveling, little creep. Watching him trying to slither out of this reminds me of trying to catch snakes in the summer as a kid. You pick up the trash can lid it's hiding under, it slithers under a rock, then pick up the rock and it darts under the porch stairs. Keep on slithering Winkler, I'm sure the NAACP will protect you eventually. You're one of the right kinds of racists for them.

Twitchy.com has some interesting responses.

The best tweets came from:

Jerome Hudson who wrote "If you believe that because Justice Thomas is black and therefor he should think a certain way, isn’t racist, you can’t be taken seriously."

And from Robert A. George who wrote: "@RepRyanWinkler You didn't realize a white man calling a black man a slur synonymous with being servile and a race-traitor was racist? Oh."

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