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Monday, July 1, 2013

Action Obama Movie "White House Down" Flops

Well, Action Obama let them all down. But not to fear...

...because a live action version of an eco-preachy 90s cartoon will save them.

A show that managed to teach that no matter how politically correct the diversity of the characters may be, it's gotta be the two White people that hook up.

Nice spelling there-- "surcumstances"?


From Deadline.com (via Breitbart):

But Sony Pictures’ White House Down really disappointed in #4, opening a third less than Hollywood expected and ensuring its high cost will make it impossible to earn out. But the studio is still hoping for a 4x holiday-aided multiple.
Yeah, they should go ahead and mortgage the house on that expectation.

Bur don't worry. Sony knows that there's a HUGE market for preachy Leftist agenda thumping movie, so they're bringing out Captain Planet! Gosh, I hope Whoopi Goldberg will be Gaia the spirit of the Earth again.

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