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Friday, August 2, 2013

Thanks ObamaCare! 87% of Jobs "Created" in 2013 are Part-time Jobs

CLICK TO ENLARGE-- Image from Zero Hedge

But the good news is that record numbers of people are on food stamps. Is it just me or is this country following the same path as Detroit?

From Zero Hedge:

When the payroll report was released last month, the world finally noticed what we had been saying for nearly three years: that the US was slowly being converted to a part-time worker society. This slow conversion accelerated drastically in the last few months, and especially in June, when part time jobs exploded higher by 360K while full time jobs dropped by 240K. In July we are sad to report that America's conversation to a part-time worker society is not "tapering": according to the Household Survey, of the 266K jobs created (note this number differs from the establishment survey), only 35% of jobs, or 92K, were full time. The rest were... not  
But what really shows what is going on in America at least in 2013, is the following summary: of the 953K jobs "created" so far in 2013, only 23%, or 222K, were full-time. Part-time jobs? 731K or 953K of total.

I'm sure ObamaCare will fix this discrepancy, or maybe just some tinkering in the law by the geniuses that passed ObamaCare in the first place. Oh well, more government dependency to make ends meet means less taxable income. I see no problem here. Move on. Move on.

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