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Monday, April 7, 2014

About 1800 Children in New Jersey Have Health Plans Cancelled Due to ObamaCare

"Eggs have to be broken to make a good soup. Folks all know this. Besides those kids were most likely racist and against gay marriage."

Because it was all, you know, for the kids and stuff...

From the Breitbart article by Wynton Hall:

Roughly 1,800 New Jersey children had their insurance plans cancelled last week due to Obamacare.  
Obamacare's new mandated requirements killed New Jersey's low-cost children's insurance coverage plan, FamilyCare Advantage. The plan, offered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, was designed for children whose parents make too much money to qualify for Medicaid and offered medical, dental, and vision coverage for just $144 a month. The program, which was the first of its kind in the nation, was implemented six years ago and considered a model for others states seeking economical ways to provide quality coverage for kids from working class families.  
Yet, since FamilyCare Advantage lacked things like mental health services, Obamacare deemed the children's 1,800 plans illegal and the program shuttered last week.  
"This is enormously disappointing, said NJ state Sen. Joseph Vitale (D) who co-sponsored the bill that created the program. "It was $5 for doctor visits, $1 for pharmacy and no deductible or cost sharing."  
The Obamacare plan offered by the same insurance provider has a $1,500 minimum deductible. [Yeah, and how much more will they have to pay per month?] Vitale told NJ.com that most families whose children were covered will be ineligible for taxpayer-funded federal Obamacare subsidies because "they earned too much money."  
The 1,800 New Jersey children join the five million other Americans who also had their plans canceled by Obamacare. A new study by the RAND Corporation reportedly finds that nearly one million people whose plans were canceled by Obamacare still remain uninsured, a figure Democrats previously claimed was less than 10,000.

Well, this what happens when you let D.C. politicians and bureaucrats determine what is best for your health needs. Bureaucracies simply do not care about you, and when the government is providing the health insurance, it massively complicates and hampers any courts ability to rule fairly on lawsuits brought against these government insurers. Health care becomes a political on the order of determining voting districts. Treating people this way is despicable, but inevitable under ObamaCare.

If you've read this horrendous, Los-Angeles-telephone-book-sized law, than this kind of is certainly not a surprise. The law is chock-full of the worst sort of the Left's liberty killing, micro-management, so there's going to be plenty more of atrocious incidences in the near future.

When? Hard to say, but basically when Obama stops illegally delaying ObamaCare's institution. So, probably after the 2014 elections.

But in the meantime all of these kids' mental health needs will be sort of covered after that $1500 deductible, so it's totally worth it.

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