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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One-third of Obamacare Federal Exchange Enrollees Have Not Paid According to House

"I bestow upon all of you (except for the wealthy and politically connected who I allow to opt out) expensive, bureaucrat-directed health care that shall work mightily to save dollars at the cost of Americans' health. You're welcome."

Another shocking development that most people predicted...

From Jacobson at Legal Insurrection:

A press release from the House Energy and Commerce Committee (emphasis added):

Data provided to the committee by every insurance provider in the health care law’s Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) shows that, as of April 15, 2014, only 67 percent of individuals and families that had selected a health plan in the federally facilitated marketplace had paid their first month’s premium and therefore completed the enrollment process. Nationwide, only 25 percent of paid enrollees are ages 18 to 34…. 
…bThe committee has compiled the data that provides a snapshot of the true enrollment picture as of April 15, 2014, after the official end of the open enrollment period. Due to the administration’s repeated and unilateral extensions and changes, as well as the fact that many insurers have reported that individuals will still have time to pay their first month’s premium, the committee plans to ask the insurers in the federally facilitated marketplace to provide an enrollment update by May 20, 2014. 
On April 17, 2014, President Obama declared the success of his law, claiming that 8 million Americans had signed up for health insurance, but data from the insurance providers reveals that the president’s figure is largely misleading. As of April 15, 2014, insurers informed the committee that only 2.45 million had paid their first month’s premium for coverage obtained through the federally facilitated marketplace. While the administration has relied on questionable nationwide figures to boast the law’s success, the state-by-state breakdown compiled by the committee underscores the serious problems facing some states. 
For months, the committee and members of the press have urged the administration to provide rudimentary details about enrollment under the law, including information regarding the makeup of the risk pool and who had actually paid for their health care plans. Administration officials repeatedly insisted they were incapable of collating that data and that the insurance providers are the only ones with those details. The committee followed the administration’s suggestion and went directly to the insurance providers.

So let's see here, ObamaCare forced like 5.5 to 6 million people off of their insurance, made them purchase coverage that was more expensive and often useless to them (pre-natal and birth control for senior citizens, for instance) under penalty of law, and only about 5.3 million have actually signed-up and paid. So we're at a net loss of insured. And the feds have paid paid billions of taxpayer dollars to screw-up people's insurance coverage, taken money out of their pockets as they are forced to pay for more expensive policies, and all for no appreciable gain in the numbers of insured. Congratulations!

But I thought Kathleen Sebelius retired because ObamaCare won or something...

We have yet to see the effects of ObamaCare on the majority of American who get their health insurance through their jobs, and those inevitable, cost-saving measures of denying effective treatments (tonsillectomies and such) haven't yet really kicked in. I can't wait to see the popularity of Democrats and Obama when all of that does take effect.

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