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Friday, May 9, 2014

Study: 89% of Nation's Food Stamps Buy Junk Food

File this one under N for "No shit, Sherlock." Did a bunch of people not actually know this?

From the National Report:

A recent study has uncovered that nearly 89 percent of food stamp recipients frivol [sic] away their welfare aid on unhealthy, overpriced convenience store junk food.  
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP for short, was originally designed to help the needy become more self-reliant in times of economic strife. However, judging by what these individuals are choosing to purchase, it is evident that the majority of those who receive benefits are criminally milking the system for all it’s worth.  
The Malbeck Data Institute released the results of their study which set out to determine what types of foods were being purchased with food stamp benefits, and the results were startling for many tax payers. Only 11 percent of welfare recipients used their cards to purchase basic ingredients for healthy meals.

The wording of this article is silly at best, but the upshot is quite correct. Most people use their food stamps-- no longer stamps of course, but the name continues-- to buy T.V. dinners (another antiquated term, so I'm not 20 anymore, sue me), junk food like Slim Jims, and fast food. Look around and see how many fast food joints accept EBT.

Why did people think obesity is such a problem among the poorer people in the U.S.? Why do the Dems occasionally go on these tirades about how many fast food places are in poorer sections of cities? With so much money being doled out in America (even after the skimming administrative costs), what did people expect many of those in the poorer neighborhoods to pay with?

UPDATE: I corrected a couple of typos including one in the title. Although I have to admit they were accidental, I kept them up after noticed them because I thought they were funny. My wife has finally won out and I have corrected them.

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