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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Mad Twerkers of Beaverton Oregon Are Arrested

Pic from Breitbart post linked below

And I don't mean "mad" in the good way...

From Breitbart:

Oregon police were called to the scene of an impromptu dance party on Monday afternoon that got a little too wild be going on in public. 
According to police, Christie Valazquez Coura went to Beaverton City Hall to pay a fine with two friends, Brittany Medak and Leokham Yothsombath. 
After Coura paid the fine, the three women went out to the parking lot and began twerking, the Oregonian reported. 
During the dance party, Medak allegedly began urinating between cars in the parking lot while Yothsombath recorded the whole thing with her cellphone. 
A court employee called the Beaverton police and the trio was arrested on multiple charges including disorderly conduct, cocaine and methamphetamine possession, and offensive littering. 
Medak and Coura are 20, while Yothsombath is 22.

These classy young ladies seem like a bundle of fun. Meth, twerking and public urination... what an unexpected combo.

Meanwhile, Beaverton police are clarifying that twerking is not a crime.

From Oregon Live article by Everton Bailey Jr.:

The Beaverton Police Department is clarifying charges against three women arrested near City Hall on Monday after witnesses saw some of them twerking outside the building and one allegedly urinating in the parking lot and officers found drugs in their possession. 
The department was contacted several times by the public Tuesday with questions about the arrests, said Officer Mike Rowe, a Beaverton police spokesman, particularly about the charges of offensive littering and disorderly conduct. 
"Some people just couldn't wrap their heads around how urinating in the parking lot is offensive littering," Rowe said. 
The department has listed the Oregon Revised Statutes for both misdemeanor offenses on its Facebook page. For the record, the department says, one woman was charged with offensive littering for urinating in a public place and two of the women face disorderly conduct charges because of the disturbance their alleged actions caused. 
Twerking is not illegal in Beaverton, Rowe said.

Well, that's a load off of my mind.

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