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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

US Governement Promises $900 Million to Hamas

The U.S. pledges $900 million dollars to help rebuild Gaza. The U.S. seems intent on providing Hamas with a greater number of missile platforms and more effective ways to use human shields. This must be part of this fiscal responsibility Obama's been trumpeting. Supporting clearly aggressive enemies of our ally Israel in times of "dire economic crisis." More audacity, I suppose...

While I'm all for helping those in need, Gaza does not need the UN to build more schools and hospitals into which Hamas will place rocket batteries. The terrorist tactics used by Hamas has no regard for anyone's lives (Israeli or Palestinian) and has effectively turned Gaza into a tragic and deadly propaganda showpiece. Launch rockets randomly into Israel from schools, run, watch as Israel retaliates, then complain to the media about civilian casualties. It's like a bowling alley and by simply throwing money at Gaza, all the U.S. is doing is setting up the pins again.

Does this seem humanitarian to anyone?

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