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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Wrong Sort of Minority

Check out this article on NationalReview.com by Stephan Thernstrom.

In it, Thernstrom details how the University of California Regents are attempting, once again, to circumvent a ban on racial preferences in university admissions. Please witness, as the article notes, that since the ban Asian, Hispanic, and (to a minor degree) black admissions have all risen. AND most importantly "minority graduation rates have improved substantially." Is this not what we want in America? Apparently not.

The race game seems to have some odd rules for minorities, don't you think?

Rule #1: Don't Perform. Performing and excelling as an individual is the first warning sign of a sellout; performing as a previously defined racial group is a threat.

Rule #2: Don't Mingle. Co-mingling with people outside of your race is a sure sign of a sellout. A minority must never lose touch with his/her roots. Having friends, close acquaintances, or romantic partners outside of your defined racial group creates the opportunity for cross-purpose communication. Stay within your people.

Rule#3: Accept White Largess. White people are so generous and just plain wonderful that they will take great pity on your racial handicap. They will make things easier for you. Just don't forget who helped you out or why they had to. Be grateful and obedient.

Rule #4: Accept Your Basic Inferiority. Always keep in mind that racial minorities are unable to perform up to white standards. The sooner this is realized, the sooner it can be compensated for.

Break these rules and you'll become the wrong sort of minority.

Is anybody else a little uneasy with these rules?

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