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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Will the Obama Administration Support Israel?

Check out this lengthy but highly informative article by Caroline Glick. And now this other article by Ed Lasky from American Thinker.com.

It really doesn't appear that Obama and his people have a whole of interest in supporting the U.S.'s close ally Israel. Glick attributes the Obama administration's mishandling of the Durban II conference to naivety and poor reasoning. While these do seem to be the hallmarks of Obama so far, I still wonder. When reading Lasky's article it seems that George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Malley, and Samantha Power, each with prominent links to Obama, all have an axe grind regarding Israel.

Could the U.S.'s involvement with Durban II be something more sinister than a mere misstep of foreign policy? Are we seeing a new anti-Israel shift in the U.S. governement? Manufactured racism has been used to (mis)shape and manipulate American domestic policy in the past. Will Durban II and the manufactured racism it will generate provide an excuse to shape Obama's future foreign policy? Will Israel be painted as a racist state and thus unworthy of American support?

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