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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Added Malaysian News Sites to Link List

I've added some links to Malaysian news sites-- all in English. Malaysia is a fascinating country. Rapidly growing in some areas, Malaysia is still within its formative process. It still seems to be trying to reconcile itself both as a modern industrial country and a land and peoples tied to a traditional past. It will be very interesting to see how this country will evolve in the next several decades.

The New Straits Times is described as a "pro-government major national newspaper."

Bernama.com is apparently the "official news agency" of Malaysia.

The Star is a major newspaper "owned by the Chinese government party." Hmm.

Sun2Surf appears to be an online version of The Sun newspaper, of which I know very little about.

KLUE is a lifestyle magazine out of Kuala Lampur.

As with all media linked here, I do not necessarily endorse, support, nor agree with the views espoused within these papers. This is an arbitrary list and made only with the criteria that they are in English, and present news stories as well as analysis. I won't link analysis-only/opinion papers.

Oh, and I'll put the above qualifier at the end of all my link posts-- it has nothing to do with Malaysia.

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