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Monday, August 24, 2009

More Apologies and Links Regarding Congressional Health Care "Reform"

Again, I have to apologize for not getting out more on the Senate's HELP Committee health care reform bill as promised. I've been running about mindlessly trying to get my half-written novel back off my crashed hard drive. It now appears that I'll have to send it out and have the drive disassembled in a clean room at a rather substantial cost... Ah, well...

In the meantime, William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has some excellent information about the health care bills including:

"Provisions in the Senate HELP Committee draft bill creating rules and regulations governing food disclosures at fast food restaurants and in vending machines."

The creation of massive and intrusive bureaucracies.

The IRS playing "a key role in monitoring and enforcing health care mandates against individual taxpayers."

The sudden tax on your "mere existence."

The provision that the "IRS To Decide Amount of Taxation."

And here is Jacobson's own suggestions of throwing the bills completely away.

All his posts are concise and presented with evidence and citation. Highly recommended. Check it out.

Quite Rightly at Bread upon the Waters has some chilling statistics on the survival rates of cancer in the US as compared to Britain. Here's a spoiler-- the US is the top 3 in the survival rates and Britain hovers about 20.

A quote from the Sunday Times in Quite Rightly's post: "For example, a woman with breast cancer is 88% more likely to die within five years of diagnosis in Britain than in America. A man with prostate cancer is six times as likely to die within five years in Britain than in America. For various types of colon and rectal cancers, both men and women are 40% more likely to die in Britain than in America within five years of diagnosis." Check out the post. It has highly important information (both my parents are cancer survivors, as are two aunts, an uncle, and three good friends).

Again, I hope to get more on the Senate HELP Committee bill up when I can, but the distractions from my professional life are a little acute right now (i.e. I'm going insane, feeling sharp pains behind my eyes, and am incredibly mad at myself for not backing up the data-- foolish and novice mistake). Check these out and I'll be back, hopefully, within a week.



  1. Yukio, I stumbled on this and immediately thought of the "telephone town hall" experience that you described in a recent post:


    If you get a chance to look at it, check out the comments as well.

    It seems your rep isn't the only technically disabled listener in Congress.

  2. Thanks for the link.

    Yeah, I didn't really figure my experience was all that unique. It just blows me away that people can be seriously thinking that these guys, who can't face up to their constituents in person nor even organize a call-in talk show, are the best people to make decisions about their health care...