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Friday, October 2, 2009

CNBC Hosts Not Buying That Stimulus Package is "Keeping the Economy Up"

Check out the video clip at NewsBusters.org. It's kinda funny.

I'll quote what Noel Sheppard has to say about this clip. "In a discussion on CNBC about the larger than expected September job losses reported Friday by the Labor Department, Reich [former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich] was explaining to hosts Melissa Francis and Lawrence Kudlow how things would be much worse if not for the stimulus package.

"He also implied that things won't get better until healthcare is reformed.

"In the middle of this absolutely absurd statement, Francis and Kudlow appeared to look at each other with the former breaking out into laughter and the latter doing his best to hold it back."

Is that going to be the Democrats line? The economy will be fixed when we pass health care reform at its surge of taxes? This is pathetic. It would be funny if it wasn't ruining people's livelihoods.

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