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Monday, November 29, 2010

Islamic Terrorist's Bomb Plot in Portland Oregon

I'm a bit late on this story, but here it is:

"A Somali-born teenager plotted 'a spectacular show' of terrorism for months, saying he didn't mind that children would die if he bombed a crowded Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, according to a law-enforcement official and court documents.

"He never got the chance. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested Friday in downtown Portland after using a cell phone to try to detonate what he thought were explosives in a van, prosecutors said. It turned out to be a dummy bomb put together by FBI agents, and authorities said the public was never in danger.

"The case is the latest in a string of alleged terrorist planning by U.S. citizens or residents, including a Times Square plot in which a Pakistan-born man pleaded guilty earlier this year to trying to set off a car bomb at a busy street corner."

The latest in a string of terror plots by US citizens? How about the latest in the string of plots by by radical Islamic terrorists who may or may not be American citizens?

The article goes on:

"On Nov. 4, the court documents say, Mohamud made a video in the presence of one of the undercover agents, putting on clothes he described as 'Sheik Osama style:' a white robe, red and white headdress, and camouflage jacket.

"He read a statement speaking of his dream of bringing 'a dark day' on Americans and blaming his family for thwarting him, according to the court documents:

"'To my parents who held me back from Jihad in the cause of Allah. I say to them ... if you — if you make allies with the enemy, then Allah's power ... will ask you about that on the day of judgment, and nothing that you do can hold me back ...'"

Sounds like a typical American citizen's speech... right?

Not mentioned in this article is the prosecutors story that Mohamud was yelling "Allahu Akbar!" which is Arabic for "God is great!" as he was arrested.

As Michelle Malkin points out Oregon has been particularly uncooperative toward federal efforts to battle terrorism.

"You may recall that loony Portland officials several years ago threatened to pull out of the Joint Terrorism Task Force under the Bush administration and refused to cooperate with federal efforts to conduct voluntary interviews of of local Muslims in order to uncover terrorist plots."



  1. Aw, this is just another of (tens of?) thousands of "isolated" incidents that have nothing to do with Islam, Yukio.

  2. Now Fuzzy, I have never contended that Islamic terrorists were not Islamic. I have argued-- at length-- that radical Islamic terrorists do not significantly represent the 1.5+ billion Muslims in the world.

    Look at the little speech he gave to his parents (both Muslim). Is that the speech you give to people who agree with your views and actions? Telling them that a day of reckoning was coming for people like them who make allies of the enemy and hold him back from Jihad?

    Nothing in this story has changed my mind about that, and the facts that I've seen pretty much confirm what I thought.