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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Obama Post Election Press Conference

My reaction to Obama's conference in a sentence-- It's going to be a long and ugly two years.

In between deflecting blame for the Republican tsunami, and blaming Republicans for all of the nation's problems, Obama has indicated that he'll move with Cap and Trade and likely the rest of his agenda that was so firmly rejected yesterday.

This is going to be an ugly next couple of years, with blame for the coming 2011 tax increase tsunami and $1 trillion+ deficits being thrown around like a hot potato. There's going be lots of empty rhetoric, lots of MSM pontificating, more condescension. If the stakes weren't so high and personal to all of us Americans, this would be so amusing to just sit back and watch.

The best summation of Obama's remarks comes from Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection who wrote: "I understand that you think I don't understand what the people said yesterday, but please understand that the people didn't understand what I have been saying for two years, which is understandable because it's hard to understand things when you're scared and confused, capiche?"

Dead on.

Once again, it's all of our ignorant old selves' fault that we don't understand what a great job Obama's doing in overcoming so many challenges as he works to fundamentally change our lives. We are such a scared, ignorant and ungrateful bunch...

Why can't we just get with the program and come in for the big win!


  1. Yukio. It was nice "seeing you" yesterday.

    I'm glad that you and Jacobson had the stomach to report on Obummer's speech. I know I didn't.

    You are right. It's going to get uglier. He'll have to do Cap n' Trade through regulation, which I think will mean more lawsuits from the states he intends to punish for yesterday's misbehavior.

    The election let the cat is out of the bag, though: 0 has vulnerabilities, and not everyone he has insulted, stepped on, or thrown under the bus is made of marshmallow fluff.

  2. Thanks QR. It was good to "see" you too.

    I never thought people were made of marshmallow fluff-- they've just been politically powerless and completely ignored.

    I think you're right about Obama pushing through regulation-- but the House controls the purse strings. If Obama can't bribe them with the tax revenues from his pet projects (and don't believe he can), he'll have a fun time trying to fund the bureaucracies to implement his proclamations. He'll likely have to employ lobbying tactics and that ilk to push Congress and then appeal to the American people to justify his actions. And we all know how successful Obama has been when he appears before the American people so much. Plus, you're right he's going to have fight off state lawsuits, especially after so many states' legislatures, AGs, and governors flipped on Tues.

    Like I said, Obama the redeemer (as Shelby Steele pointed out in his essay) isn't going to change and move to the center. He can't. So it's going to be ugly, but the GOP has the advantage.