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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Widespread was Voter Fraud in this Election?

Hard to say.

Investors Business Daily has a small list of alleged voter fraud compiled.

From the article:

And Americans already smell a rat, with 62% of voters believing electoral fraud to be at least somewhat common, according to a 2008 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, and a 2010 Rasmussen poll finding 82% favoring photo ID laws.

These were among the incidents of corruption, criminality and strong-arm tactics being reported within the Land of the Free on the day of perhaps America's most consequential election ever:

• In Detroit, police were called when a Republican observer at a polling venue was chased away by a man claiming to have a gun.

• PJ Media reported a GOP observer reporting three cases of fraud — all three victims being black — at a North Carolina precinct, including a woman in her 80s for whom someone else had apparently 'requested, filled out and submitted an absentee ballot in her name' and another older, infirm woman who was brought to vote only to find records showing "that she had already voted earlier in the day."

"The GOP observer reflected that "in a matter of 3-1/2 hours at a relatively slow precinct, we had three different cases of pretty obvious voter fraud."

• In Ohio, four Toledo men were arrested and charged with stealing Romney signs, some quite large, with a Sheet Metal Workers union pickup truck, according to Instapundit.

• Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie's son was attacked while trying to stop his Romney/Ryan yard sign from being swiped early last Friday, as reported by Powerline.com. After being choked and struck repeatedly, Sean Kedzie was hospitalized.

• NBC News on Election Day reported that an electronic voting machine was removed in Pennsylvania after a video showed it changing an Obama vote into one for Mitt Romney. 'Republicans have also said machines have turned Romney votes into Obama ones,' NBC said.

• A North Carolina election official on Tuesday told The Daily Caller of a Democrat possibly voting twice in rural Sampson County. County election board staff director Donna Mashburn said 'supposedly they voted absentee and then went to the precinct and also voted.'

• In Houston, Breitbart.com's Brandon Darby reports that under the pretext of helping the disabled, 'Houston's NAACP chapter has taken over an election polling station.'

• In Florida, robocalls told voters they had until Wednesday to vote.

• In northeast Philadelphia, a judge ordered a campaign-style mural of Obama on the wall of a polling place to be covered.

• An Obama poster saying 'Change the Atmosphere' was found on a wall at a Tallahassee polling station, the Media Research Center reported.

• The New Black Panthers returned to a Philadelphia polling site after their infamous intimidation tactics favoring Obama four years ago.

• Court-appointed Republican poll inspectors were being forcibly removed from Philadelphia voting stations, according to the Washington Examiner.

Is this a case of sour grapes over a stinging, and frankly shocking, loss? Maybe.

Every indication was that Romney would win this election. A bad economy, high unemployment, terrible gas prices, a high level of distrust of the Obama media, largely unpopular laws-- some labeled with the name of the president running. It's cloying.

The GOP will likely tear into themselves for the next few weeks, with predictably unproductive results.

Democrats are good at winning elections, and terrible at governing-- exhibit A: California.

Certainly there was voter fraud in this election. Every election has a degree of fraud. But was it enough to turn the balance?

I don't know.

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