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Friday, November 9, 2012

Massive Post-Election Layoffs; Will Continue

Own it!

I suppose this is a part of that slow but steady growth that Yahoo and other Left-leaning news sites have been trumpeting.

Do you think that this might have a small effect on the unemployment rate? Maybe.

A partial list from The Blaze (h/t Jacobson at Legal Insurrection):

  • Caterpillar Inc. will close its plant in Owatonna Minn.
  • Mount Pleasant’s Albrecht Sentry Foods
  • The Target store at Manassas Mall Va.
  • Millennium Academy in Wake Forest NC
  • Target Closing Kissimmee FL Location
  • The Andover Gift Shop in Andover MA
  • Grand Union Family Markets Closing Storrs Location CT
  • Movie Scene Milford Location NH
  • Update: TE Connectivity Closing Greensboro Plant – 620 Layoffs Expected
  • Gomer’s Fried Chicken in South Kansas City
  • Kmart in Homer Glen
  • Fresh Market on Pine Street in Burlington
  • AGC Glass North America to permanently close its Blue Ridge Plant in Kingsport Tenn.
  • The Target store at Platte and Academy in Colorado Springs
  • The Roses store on Reynold Road in Winston-Salem NC
  • Meanders Kitchen losing its West Seattle location at 6032 California Ave
  • Bost Harley-Davidson at 46th Avenue North and Delaware Ave. in West Nashville TN
  • Townsend Booksellers in Oakland
  • The Kmart store in Parkway Plaza off University Drive in Durham NC – 79 Jobs Lost

  • And more in the last 48 hours (links go to stories about the layoffs and cutbacks):



    Research in Motion Limited

    Lightyear Network Solutions

    Providence Journal

    Hawker Beechcraft

    Boeing (30% of their management staff)

    CVPH Medical Center

    US Cellular

    Momentive Performance Materials


    Brake Parts

    Vestas Wind Systems


    Center for Hospice New York


    OCE North America

    Darden Restaurants - The company, which was among those who had received an Obamacare waiver in the past, is looking to limit workers to 28 hours per week. A full time employee that is required to have health insurance (lest the employer pay a fine) works 30 hours per week, as defined by the Obamacare law.

    West Ridge Mine

    United Blood Services Gulf

    48 hours...

    You can't blame Bush this time buddy. Own it Obama. And to every single one of you who voted for that man.

    But you know, on second thought I now realize that it's not Obama's fault. I mean it's greed. If these terrible executives just simply stopped lighting their cigars with $20 bills and drinking their cocktails seasoned with the tears of minority children, they wouldn't have layoff so many hard working people. Greed. That's the ticket.

    A link to The Daily Jobs Cut via The Blaze.

    And let's not forget the "unexpected" multi-day retreat in Wall Street.

    But please, let's talk more about how we have this "Brown country" now, as Leftists love to assign colors to races. Let's talk about how Romney wasn't electable. Let's fiddle while it all burns...

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