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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Road Ahead

It seems a strange world where a moderate like Romney is presented as an extremist, and a proven extremist like Obama, both in actions and words, is presented as a moderate.

Obama's economic policies have caused an increase in the price of gasoline, electricity and food. And yet Americans leave him in place to continue these policies unmolested?

It's an odd world.

So, will we allow Obama to continue to turn America's back toward Israel? Toward Poland?

Will we allow our health care to be placed into the hands of bureaucrats?

Will we allow Obama to dictate a permanent unemployment mark hovering around 8% to 9%?

Will we allow the EPA to regulate away America's jobs and cause a sharp rise in electricity, in manufacturing goods, in food?

Will we allow government funds to be given to campaign backers by the billions?

Will we continue to deny common sense?

We will allow all of this if we give up.

An election is significant, but allowing ruinous policies to be initiated, and to not hold those in power accountable is the path to collapse.

America cannot withstand the outcomes of Obama's policies. An election does not change that.

So, we must go on.

Four more years will be hard, but they need not be catastrophic. These four years can be moderated if we continue to fight. This has to be done. We cannot remain silent and capitulate to ruinous powers.

We have to continue to do what's necessary to check the Left.

And we will.

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