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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hey Obama, if You're Really Sorry then Repeal ObamaCare

"I'm sorry folks have lost their health insurance because of the plan that bore my name and that I signed into law. *sniff* I mean this is embarrassing for everyone-- including me. I'm a victim myself. *sniff* Now, back to the golf courses to work tirelessly at taking away your money, opportunities, Constitutional rights and jobs..."

Can you believe this guy? Obama's reeaaalllly sorry that the plan that has his name plastered all over it, and was designed from the ground up to take away your insurance, has caused you to lose your health insurance.

I haven't seen such a lame apology since Michael Richards' apology tour.

"Garsh, I'm sorry I lied to all you folks repeatedly and decided to essentially nationalize your health care which will inevitably lead to worse care, lower life expectancies and a near-freeze on medical research. Sorry... Now on to waiting for the next mass shooting (hopefully kids) so I can once again try to take away your gun rights by standing on their dead backs. Oh, and let's not forget about spending billions more on 'green' companies that go bankrupt right after our payments."

Man, do I get tired of the crud from this president. It is without precedent.

As Senator Cruz said "Mr. President, if you're really sorry, then we need a #FullRepeal."

Fat chance on that. He's not that sorry. Obama's just sorry that you're sorry. And he has to make sure that people don't feel that they were betrayed as he's betraying them (a hallmark of the Left, isn't it?). Such a pal...

I suppose this at least some good news in that even Obama now realizes that his support is in free fall, and blaming the GOP and the TEA Party isn't cutting it.

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