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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thought Police Raise Ugly Head in UC Berkeley

It is just UC Berkeley, but still...

From the College Fix (via Drudge):

The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal immigrant” from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory. 
In an unanimous vote, student senators passed a resolution that stated the word “illegal” is “racially charged,” “dehumanizes” people, and contributes to “punitive and discriminatory actions aimed primarily at immigrants and communities of color.” 
The “resolution in support of drop the I-word campaign” was approved 18 to 0 with one abstention on Oct. 30, according to a copy of the meeting’s minutes obtained by The College Fix. 
Its approval marks at least the second time this semester that a public university’s student government has voted to eradicate the phrase. UCLA passed a nearly identical measure in late August. 
There are an estimated 900 students in the country illegally who are currently enrolled in the 10-campus, University of California system, according to UC officials. These students live in “fear” because former Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano is now president of the UC system, according to the resolution, which aims to “create a safe campus environment for all students.” 
“The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil rather than criminal infraction,” states the resolution, which notes some journalists have stopped using the term. 
“No human being is illegal,” the resolution continues. “ ‘Foreign nationals,’  
‘undocumented immigrants,’ ‘immigrants without papers’ and ‘immigrants seeking status’ are examples of terms we can use that do not dehumanize people.” 
The resolution also calls for administrators and faculty to attend an “UndocuAlly training workshop.”
Yeah, let's force the people to attend the pro-illegal immigrant workshop. Let's make them think "correctly."

Fortunately these aren't the leaders of the future anymore. More like the future disappointed Psych and Literary majors on food stamps and looking for work in the public sector inside business bare California.

Good luck, future wannabe bureaucrats of America.

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