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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Democratic Senators Demand Hobby Lobby Pay for Contraceptives and Abortions; Sen. Murray Essentially Claims Catholics and Devout Christians Not Allowed to Own Businesses and Practice their Religious Beliefs Because of ObamaCare

Sen. Patty Murray says "ObamaCare is your new religion and the purveyor of rights. Your old religion and Constitution must not interfere, or else you shall not be permitted to own a business. Thus spaketh the Barack Obama and the will of ObamaCare."

According to Democrats: "If you like your religious beliefs, you can keep your religious beliefs. You just can't practice them."

How sad that this idiocy is so prevalent within the raks of the Democrats.

From Fox News:

Democratic senators intervened Tuesday in the Supreme Court fight over whether ObamaCare can force the company Hobby Lobby to provide contraceptive coverage to workers, arguing that "secular" businesses should not be exempt from the mandate.  
The 19 senators planned to file a brief before the court, which is still weeks away from considering the closely watched case. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., who planned to make her case on the Senate floor, adamantly defended the Obama administration's side. 
"What's at stake in this case before the Supreme Court is whether a CEO's personal beliefs can trump a woman's right to access free or low-cost contraception under the Affordable Care Act," she said in prepared remarks.

In other words, can the made up "right" of "free" goodies in ObamaCare-- meant to bribe female voters-- be trumped by the Constitutional right of the free exercise of religion? A very few years ago, there would be no question regarding this issue. Essentially what is being said by Murray is that devout Christians' and Roman Catholic's beliefs make it impossible for them to own a business that provides health care.

And I just love Sen. Murray's abilty to bring in to play two of the Left's striking points in one sentence. I mean you have the evil GOP's "war on women" and the Left's attack against "income inequality."

The article continues:

But Republican senators returned fire, jumping to Hobby Lobby's defense in a brief of their own.  
"The ability to practice the faith we choose is one of our great constitutional rights. The Obama administration's contraceptive mandate stomps on that right," Sen. David Vitter said in a statement. He joined Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas; John Cornyn, R-Texas; and Mike Lee, R-Utah in the brief.  
The dueling arguments come as the Supreme Court prepares to consider the case. The justices said in November they would take up the issue, which has divided the lower courts in the face of roughly 40 lawsuits from for-profit companies asking to be spared from having to cover some or all forms of contraception.  
The Obama administration promotes the law's provision of a range of preventive care, free of charge, as a key benefit of the health care overhaul. Contraception is included in the package of cost-free benefits, which opponents say is an attack on the religious freedom of employers.

So, will Christians and Roman Catholics be allowed to own businesses and practice their religion? Not according to the Left. You know, because women have the "right to access free or low-cost contraception under the Affordable Care Act."

ObamaCare is the law that just keeps on getting better, doesn't it?

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