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Friday, January 10, 2014

Gallup: ObamaCare Approval Falls Again

"Listen folks, the law is the law! It is as permanent and constant as the North Star! And it wil never, never be relegated to the dustbin of history!"

And it's not like this cruddy law was ever popular.

From The Hill:

Support for the Affordable Care Act [aka ObamaCare]  has fallen to its lowest point in more than a year, according to a Gallup poll released on Friday  
The survey found that 54 percent disapprove of the healthcare law, against only 38 percent who approve. 
The 16-point unfavorable spread is near an all-time high for ObamaCare, and a considerable difference from last month’s 10-point differential, when 51 percent said they disapproved of the law, against 41 who said they approved.  
In addition, 48 percent said they expect ObamaCare will make their lives worse, 35 percent said it would make no difference, and only 12 percent said it would make their lives better.
Now let's wait until 50,000,000+ lose their insurance after ObamaCare forces employers to comply with their regulation. What do you think the numbers will be like then?

There is no fix for this monstrous law. There's only unconstitutional presidential decrees by Obama to ease the immediate impact people will be feel under ObamaCare. This law is a loser and it must be taken apart piece by piece and destroyed.

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